Original Crew Barbershop

We love to exceed your expectations. You will leave lookin’ sharp relaxed and ready to take on the world with that swagger in your stride.

We are the professionals you want in your corner for all your barbering & shaving needs.

  • Just Another Standard Cut
    Your basic haircut with no fade.
  • Clipper Cutzzz
    Simple and effective. A single-length, tapered clip for an instant game-changer.
  • Zero to 0.5 Fade For Life
    Your standard buzz cut or 0 guard accommodated to any different style and length.
  • Supreme Skinfade
    Start with a shaver skin fade with modern style and trend.
  • Beard "Beer" Trim
    A quick tidy up. No cutthroat razor work included.
  • Beard "Beer" Reshape
    No man is perfect, but your beard can be. A detailed reshape including cutthroat razor work.
  • Hot Towel Shaver
    A vintage shave, a timeless pleasure. A warm towel is placed on your skin to open the pores and allow a closer cut with a straight-blade razor.
  • Wax It Off
    Ears, Nose and Lips - Taeyang.
    Ears and especially your nose for all the party animals.
  • Under 12 Years Old
    Everyone need a good haircut from baby boy to teenager.
  • Wonder Woman Cuts
    We are a barbershop but we just like to cut hair, both man and lady
  • Black, Brown Hairdye
    Grey hair killer. Done in an hour.
  • Colour Them All
    Before you book for colour, give us a call, it may take longer than excepted and more expensive depending on the colour and length.

Look Sharp!

A haircut, skin fade, beard trim, or the full treatment and colour, here at Original Crew Barbershop we strive to provide you with the best service and results you’ll ever receive.

Weโ€™re always offering advice and guidance to keep you looking sharp.

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