Layrite Original Pomade


Layrite Original Pomade is a versatile water-based pomade that offers a medium to strong hold with a medium shine finish. It’s perfect for various hairstyles, from classic pompadours to modern slick backs. This product works best for fine to medium thick hair and short to medium lengths.

Product details:

  • Medium-strong hold, medium shine finish
  • Water-based formula
  • Mild vanilla scent
  • Suits sharp, slicked styles
  • Works well with all hair lengths
  • Made in USA


Layrite Original Pomade is a high-quality, versatile hair styling product with a medium to strong hold and a medium shine finish. This water-based pomade is perfect for a wide range of hairstyles, from classic pompadours to modern slick backs, and is suitable for short to medium lengths and fine to medium thick hair.

One of the key features of Layrite Original Pomade is its unique water-based formula. Unlike traditional oil-based pomades, it holds like wax but washes out like a gel, making it easy to rinse with water. This feature ensures you can easily restyle your hair throughout the day without hassle.

The pomade is enriched with Kaolin Clay and waxes naturally derived from Brazilian Palm Tree Leaves and Coal. These ingredients provide a natural structured finish, allowing you to achieve various looks, from sharp, slicked styles to messy, wet looks.

For optimal results, it’s recommended to apply Layrite Grooming Spray to damp hair as a primer before using the pomade. This will help you get the most out of your pomade and ensure a long-lasting hold.

The pomade has a mild vanilla fragrance, adding a pleasant scent to your hair. It’s made in the USA, ensuring high-quality standards. Whether you’re aiming for textured crew cuts, fades, spikes, slick-backs, side parts, or low pompadours, Layrite Original Pomade is the perfect choice.

Layrite Original Pomade is a versatile, high-quality hair styling product that offers excellent all-day hold for various hair types and styles. Its unique water-based formula, natural ingredients, and pleasant fragrance make it a popular choice among consumers.