Reuzel Daily Shampoo 1000ml


Reuzel Daily Shampoo (1000ml) is a versatile, everyday shampoo perfect for all hair types. Enriched with a unique T4 Tonic Blend of Witch Hazel, Nettle Leaf, Rosemary, and Horsetail Root, it effectively cleanses and degreases hair while stimulating and cooling the scalp. Ideal for regular use, this product refreshes and revitalises the hair.


Reuzel Daily Shampoo is a high-quality, versatile hair care product designed for everyday use and suitable for all hair types. This 1000ml shampoo is infused with a unique T4 Tonic Blend of Witch Hazel, Nettle Leaf, Rosemary, and Horsetail Root. These ingredients combine to thoroughly cleanse, effectively degreasing the hair and scalp without over-drying.

The shampoo’s balanced formula ensures excellent cleansing while also providing essential moisture1. This makes it gentle enough to use daily on any hair. The shampoo’s cooling and stimulating properties invigorate the scalp, promoting healthier and more vibrant hair.

Users have praised Reuzel Daily Shampoo for its pleasant, non-overpowering scent, its ability to lather well, and its ability to rinse out easily. It has been described as a favourite among users, with many planning to repurchase. However, some users have noted a difference in quality when purchasing online versus in-store.

Despite this, Reuzel Daily Shampoo remains popular for those seeking a reliable, effective daily shampoo. Its vegan formula and cleansing and moisturizing properties make it a standout product in the hair care market. Whether you’re dealing with oily hair, dry hair, or anything in between, Reuzel Daily Shampoo is a great addition to your daily hair care routine.